Top #3 Places to Find Business ideas for your next online business

Top #3 Places to Find Business ideas for your next online business

Starting an online business is definitely one of the best options to have if toy are someone that doesn’t have a huge budget to work with or if you simply don’t want to have to deal with a brick and mortar store and all of the responsibilities that come with that, while being your own boss. And while it is great if you have a business idea, a lot of the time business owners tend to go online and realize that there is too much competition in their particular field. If this happened to you, then definitely don’t despair, and don’t even think about giving up. There are a lot of different places online where you can go in order to get some inspiration about a business idea, and that is exactly what we will be talking about today. If you want to learn more about our favorite places to find business ideas, make sure to keep reading this article until the end.

Cool things

The very first place that we are going to talk about isn’t necessarily a place that will give you a new business idea, but what they do very well is give you inspiration, and that is exactly why we love it so much. A lot of the time, it is not a business idea that you are after, but it is a bit of inspiration that you need. Cool things has a great catalogue of very creative, innovative, unique and quirky products that you can look through, and once you go through them, we are sure you will get a bit of inspiration that is bound to give you some great ideas. Make sure to keep an open mind, and a good business idea will come your way.


One of the best tools that you can have when you have an online business is a good community behind you, and that is exactly what Springwise offers. This is a great website to help you find a business idea thanks to the large community from all over the world that spend their time looking for the most innovative new startups in their area, which they then share with the users of Springwise. The catch with this website is the fact that it focuses mostly on tech ideas. This means that in order for you to find a good idea that you can execute you need to have certain skills that can manage this kind of business, and a lot of the time these ideas take a lot more money than your typical startup, and that is definitely something that you need to keep in mind. Something that we can offer as advice here is that taking a look at their ideas can never hurt. In fact, sometimes a good idea doesn’t mean that you have to start a business from scratch, but instead you can look into partnering with some of the owners of those businesses in order to help them distribute their products in your region, which is still a business idea in its own right.

SME Pals

SME Pals, or Small Business Ideas, offers you a full list of different business ideas. They take a very interactive approach in the a way that they build the list, and the best part is that apart from really typical business ideas, they also offer very unusual ideas that you may not have even thought of before, which is after all, the whole reason why we are talking about these websites in the first place. The list of different business idea is categorized and that will allow you to easily find different types of businesses in a matter of minutes. Another really interesting thing is that SME Pals encourages all of their users to share their own ideas, and if they like it enough, your idea will be added to the list and then other people from all over the world will be able to get inspired by one of your ideas.

The pros and cons of online businesses

Now that we have spoken about some of the best places to go to find business ideas, we think it is only right to give you a bit of insight into online businesses, and the best way to that is by taking a look at the pros and cons. First of all, there is no other type of business in the world that will give you reach all over the world and every day of the week, nonstop, like an online business. You will be able to take your business to an international level in no time. Another great thing is that the costs for starting a business online are very small compared to a brick and mortar business. You avoid the costs for a store, employees and much more, which is a great thing when you are just starting out. Of course, there are some downsides and one of the biggest ones is the fact that when you have an online business you tend to lose sight that you are dealing with real people on the other side of the screen and that can really cause some damage to the way that you communicate with your customers. Because of this, we suggest that you spend a good amount of money to customer service, because that is the key to having a successful online business.


If you don’t have a clear idea of what you want to do with your business, or even if you are just lacking a bit of inspiration, then sites like Cool things, SME Pals and Springwise are the prefect addition for you and a great way for you to get a business idea. We really hope that you check them all out and we hope that one of them will be just the thing that you were looking for.

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