Should you start online Shopify business? – Detailed Overview

Should you start online Shopify business? – Detailed Overview

One of the most important things that you have to figure out when you are starting an online business is the platform that you are going to be using for your business. This may not seem like a big decision for someone that doesn’t know a lot about online businesses and ecommerce platforms, and we can admit that they do all look pretty much the same on the first glance, however when you take a deeper look you can easily see that they are all different. One of the platforms that a lot of people agree on is Shopify. This is a very user-friendly platform that has an incredibly simple interface that even beginners can manage and it is absolutely perfect for a small business. There is much more to say about this platform and today we are going to be taking a look at whether you should start online Shopify business, so make sure to keep reading if you want to find out more about it.

The basics of Shopify

This is a Canadian made platform that has been around for over a decade and it initially started as a website builder, in a time when blogs were all the rage. However, over the years it kept growing and growing and it finally turned into something that is now known as one of the best ecommerce platforms in the world. From the very beginning this has been a platform built specifically for small businesses, and it has remained the same even today. This means that the platform is best suited for small businesses.


When it comes to tools, the Shopify ecommerce platform is definitely one of the ones that will offer you every single tool that you need, but you will have to add a lot of them using different apps. This can be a good and a bad thing. The tools that you will get in the plan will cover all of the basics, however they definitely won’t be enough to fully run a business. This is where the apps and add-ons come in. They will definitely come in handy and they can offer you real help when you are building your website and when you start running your business, however you need to be careful in terms of money. There are some good apps for free, however the best apps are expensive and they can really pile on, and so you need to watch out there.


When it comes to the design, this is a huge reason of why we talk about Shopify as the best platform for an online business. You get to choose between some of the top templates in the business, and that means that you will be able to achieve an amazing design even on your own. The customization options aren’t amazing, however they will allow you to design a great, clean looking ecommerce platform that will suit pretty much every kind of business. The interface is drag and drop and that means that you will be able to move different elements around until you get everything to look how you want them to, and all you have to do is move your mouse. You will also be able to change the color scheme of the website, and this is great because you can use that in order to add your brand colors and make the ecommerce a bit more personalized.

Shopify Plus

Even though Shopify still remains a platform that is ideal for a small business, they recently came out with Shopify Plus, and this is a solution that can suit larger businesses as well. This is a much more scalable version of the platform which will offer you a larger set of tools and that means that it is suitable for a larger business that needs more attention. Obviously, this will be am more expensive option, however the surprising part is that even though Shopify tends to be on the more expensive side, Shopify Plus is really affordable when compared to platforms of the same level, so that is something to take into consideration.

Shopify POS

If you are someone that already has a physical business with brick and mortar stores and you simply want some help running that business, then Shopify also has a solution for you, and that is the Shopify POS. This is a tool that is a great way for you to replace the traditional cash register and it will allow you to makes sales from anywhere in your store. The POS is easy to use and installed on a tablet or iPad, and the training process for it is very simple. Whether you want to keep your business in the physical world or you are looking to move online as well, this POS will be of great help to no matter what. Another great thing that you can use it for is to set up pop-up shops for your online store. This is a great way for you to take your online business into the real world and for you to get to have some real interactions with your customers.


There are a lot of great reasons why Shopify is an amazing ecommerce platform, and hopefully you can see that by this article. Of course, there are some downsides to this platform as well and some things that the people behind it need to work on, however we still believe that this is a great tool that you can really benefit from. So, make sure to check out what is known to be best ecommerce platform for online businesses Shopify, and hopefully you will end up loving it.

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