How Bill Gates Went From Childhood Nerd to Multi-Billionaire

The Bill Gates story

Bill Gates needs no introduction and is probably a hero and role model for many of the people reading this. His road to riches began when he was a tech-obsessed 13-year-old student at Lakeside School in Seattle, Washington. As Gates recalled in a 2005 speech, the school’s “mothers club came up with the money to buy a teletype that connected over the phone lines with a GE time-sharing computer.”

That machine effectively changed his life. He spent as much time as he could learn about computers, hacking and coding. He and a school friend named Paul Allen bonded over their love of technology. They would later co-found Microsoft.

The Bill Gates story

Here’s a comprehensive infographic created by Funders and Founders designer Anna Vital that explores Gates’ incredibly journey:

Bill Gates Went From Childhood Nerd to Multi-Billionaire

Infographic source: Adioma

The story of Bill Gates is loaded with examples of hard work, controversy, money, bravado, and even accusations of betrayal. 

What do you think will be your entrepreneurial story? Comment below!

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